On the infrastructural front at the division, we have the backing of a world-class Aluminium foundry to carry out intricate die casting processes.

The foundry is manned by a dedicated team of engineers and allied workmen who have an in-depth understanding of modern technology, unmatched capabilities in design and engineering, and metallurgical know-how.


Our Die Casting Section has for facilities:

  • Skelner Furnaces (3 Nos.) with a melting capacity of 2000 Kgs of aluminium alloy per hour.
  • Electric Holding Furnaces (6 Nos.) with the capacity of 500 Kgs aluminium with complete automated temperature control.
  • Electric Melting cum Holding furnaces (2 Nos.) with the capacity of 250 Kgs each with complete automated temperature control.
  • Hydraulically operated Gravity Die Casting machines with PLC control (16 nos.)

High Pressure Die Casting following facilities:

  • High Pressure Die Casting machines ranging from 180 to 400 tons (6 Nos)
  • Electrical Holding Furnaces with 200kg and 500 kg capacities (5 Nos.)
  • Centralised Electrical Melting Furnaces with a capacity of 500Kgs (1 No.)
  • Shot Blasting Machine (2 Nos.)
  • Nitrogen Degrassing Unit (1 No.)

Heat Treatment

We have an in-house, well-equipped heat treatment facility for the solution as well as precipitation. Herein, we carry out the heat treatment of cast Aluminium alloys to increase their hardness, strength, and to bring the required changes in their physical, mechanical and metallurgical properties. We are capable of accommodating castings with diameters up to 1100mm in the solution treatment furnace that’s fully automatic. To have a uniform temperature in the furnace, the temperature is measured at 3 different locations. The size of the fully automatic precipitation furnace is 2m/2m/2m. 



The machining section at the division houses the best-in-class multi-axis CNC machines sourced from globally renowned manufacturers. This ultra-modern setup enables us to execute all the required operations with optimum productivity and the highest precision. We are capable of machining the components using both CNCs as well as conventional machines as per the exacting requirements of our valued customers. Besides, the processes such as leak testing and ultrasonic cleaning, along with the use of sophisticated CNC-operated washing machines ensure each product exceeds the expectations of our customers.