Our Stamping Division

One of Victora Group’s strongest aspects, our stamping prowess, goes way back to 1972 when we started contributing to the then growing auto industry of India

Since then we’ve come to where we are today, working closely with some of the biggest automobile brands in India and overseas today.

  • Over 5 Decades in Stamping Technology
  • 63T–1000T Hydraulic Presses
  • 400+ Employees


The state of the art press shop is equipped with single and double acting Pneumatic, Power and Hydraulic Presses ranging from 63 Tons – 1000 Tons for specialized metal forming operations.


From concept to production, we produce results for customers.

Our design and process engineers at our modern research and development center work in tandem with the customers to achieve complex product development in shortest time.


With a ‘Quality First’ approach, we employ a quality assurance system throughout the shop floor.

Inspections and checks for standards are conducted from the raw material to work- in- progress to eventual approval for dispatch.



We continuously expand our offerings and pursue the pioneering spirit to offer real value to our customers


We offer a wide range of sheet metal components with strategic cost and quality advantages to our reputed customers.