Research and Development activities at Victora Investment Casting Division are part of a ceaseless process targeted at continuous improvements and new product development.

  • Multijet 3D Printer: Produce patterns at a fraction of time of traditional wax pattern production. Delivering design freedom, quality and repeatability, Real Wax patterns drop seamlessly into existing foundry investment casting processes.
  • Rapid Shell Drying: Cyclone system is a compact shell building factory, which combines the 5 stations i.e. Slurry Tank, Rainfall Sander, Linear thrust, PLC controls, High speed drying chamber.
  • Vacuum Moulding- Silicon: About 50 plastic prototypes can easily be made without complicated and expensive steel molds. The parts cannot be distinguished from conventionally made serial wax parts. The check of “fit, form and function” can be done very quickly.

As for new product development, we closely work in coordination with our customers across industry segments while expanding our capabilities to deal with new material specifications and product characteristics such as complexities and weights.

Our R&D team is ceaselessly engrossed in conducting experiments on new processes as well as alternative materials.