When it comes to reinforcing the reliability of an investment casting, meticulous and detailed-oriented testing and inspection session plays a paramount role.

This is the phase where we combine our in-depth know-how of metal casting quality standards with stringent inspection methods to deliver high-performance parts and components across grades.

Our ultra-modern testing and inspection lab is equipped with all types of destructive and non-destructive facilities. Regardless of where a particular part or component is to be applied, each investment casting is minutely inspected, monitored, and approved before the final delivery.


Some of the major testing and inspection operations in the lab include Visual Inspection, Dimensional Inspection, Chemical Composition Inspection, Mechanical Properties Testing, Tensile Testing, Impact Strength measurement, Hardness Testing, Corrosion Resistance Tests, and Non-destructive Testing (NDT). 

Equipment in the area are :

  • Casting Solidification Simulation equipment
  • Optical Emission Spectrometer
  • Computerized Universal Testing Machine
  • Optical Hardness Tester
  • Lab facility for incoming raw material testing
  • Roughness Tester
  • Metallographic Analyzer
  • Tensile, Hardness, and Impact Testers
  • Microstructure Review & Grain Size Measurement
  • Inclusion Rating & Ferrite Content Checking