The skiff that sails intrepid, gets to the shore—Victura was one such skiff that inspired the founder to name his venture, a venture being set up in a time highly unpredictable and yet exciting; the early days of automobile revolution.

From the first product we manufactured to where we are now, we have continued to sail forward, irrespective of changing conditions, just like our inspiration.

At the vanguard of engineering and technology of our domain. Ushering in change and values of Industrial Revolution 4.0

A truly global Indian engineering & technology solution provider

Victora Auto, has been at the forefront of the automobile revolution in Northern India helping some of the biggest automotive names with our metal forming and precision engineering expertise. Since 1972 we've been pushing the envelope, consistently on creating sustainable value for people, businesses, and the world at large.

Victura, 25-foot Wianno Senior sloop and JFK’s cherished boat, sailed despite several setbacks including being struck down by a lightening and being caught in the middle of a fire.

Victura- Latin- ‘about to conquer'

A metal engineering pioneer, an expert in metal chemistry Victora Auto today is a design, technology, and manufacturing solutions provider to its clients from the Automotive, Railways, Defense, Consumer Electronics and E- Mobility domain, offering a full suite of solutions to address both critical and bespoke requirements. We are the preferred choice for our partners in success, who turn to us for engineering solutions expertise critical to their manufacturing.

We collaborate, working closely with our clients, from start to finish—from design to delivery, from concept to validation—helping them meet their goals. From the first unit, established over 5 decades ago, we are today a strong network of high-end manufacturing units, spread over 13 strategic manufacturing locations across India. Together, we deliver unmatched scalability, higher volumes and sterling value.

We today are re-hashing how things are done to deliver on our commitment of sustainable value even as we enter a brave new world.