In our world class Research and Development Center, we have a multi-disciplinary team of technocrats, engineers, material specialists, and product designers working on latest software to offer best solution to our customers. Our R&D center has enhanced our customers' confidence in supporting them by becoming their development partner from the very beginning in their product cycles.

Playing the role of a dependable technology partner, we collaborate with our valued customers to come up with a wide range of intricate engineering products that outperform on all parameters. Our engineers analyze the product drawings, application and uses to propose the right solutions using value engineering and new-age design technology.

Using advance engineering techniques, latest CAD/CAM/CAE and simulation softwares and in-depth study of chemical, mechanical and thermodynamical properties of the material, our team develops optimized processes and material usage to save on costs and get the new products to market more effectively.

Our prototyping division provides us with the focus and the flexibility that is needed to meet the fast evolving business needs. The vision of prototyping division is to be a focused product development center that caters to customers' various needs of validating their product through rapid tooling & rapid modelling, 3D printing and rapid prototypes. It arms us with flexibility of processes & speedy development for small batches of parts.

The division has enhanced Victora Auto’s capability in product understanding & development process. It has further helped in gaining customers’ confidence by supporting them since beginning of their product design.
With sustainability as a key emerging trend in redefining the global automotive era and movement towards zero emissions and reducing carbon footprint, our focus remains on partnering with global leaders that are leading alternate fuel technologies.