Finding Synergies Through Strategic Alliances

We partner to find synergies and diversify our portfolio through global strategic alliances; it allows us to offer a wider set of value propositions via new technologies and expertise.

Victora Auto makes future centric investments with a view to forge long term relationships with potential alliances that may enable us to venture into domains with higher value - add for our customers. As much as we partner with established leaders of Design and Development, we also enter into collaborative relationship with nascent startups who have the potential to add value to our overall offering.

Victora has entered strategic partnerships within and beyond automotive segment. Among them - Technical Alliance with Donghee- A south Korean technology leader to manufacture and assemble pedal sets for automobile manufacturing companies, electronics for defence, healthcare and railways through Precision Electronics Limited, electrical stampings for induction motors through Pooja Metal Processors.

MIBA Sinter GMBH Austria

  • Sintered Power Train
  • Kind of Alliance Joint Venture
  • Operational Since 2011

Donghee Industrial Co. Ltd South Korea

  • Pedal Set Assembly (Accelerator, Clutch, Brake)
  • Kind of Alliance Technical Alliance
  • Operational Since 2021

Haas Automation Inc. USA

  • Machine Tool Builder
  • Kind of Alliance Capital Investment
  • Operational Since 2008

Autosys Industrial Solutions Private Limited India

  • Smart Manufacturing/ Industry 4.0
  • Kind of Alliance Strategic Digitisation Partner
  • Operational Since 2021