Smart Factory- Real Time Solutions- One Experienced Partner

The brave new world order has ushered in INDUSTRY 4.0, more than any other single reason; the 4.0 version of Industrial Revolution today focuses on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data. With AI and Machine Learning, OEMs are progressing towards smarter machines that access more data—machines capable of communicating with each other for greater efficiency and process automation.

Victora Auto digitized its database, integrating into SAP Hana in 2018 and since, in the post pandemic conditions, partnered with Autosys to incorporate a Quad Platform into our systems enabling supervision and the management.

Smart Factory Quadplay of Victora Auto’s Noida Facility

This has enabled a quicker decision making and timely problem solving with access to real time asset monitoring, preventive and predictive maintenance, access to machine and parts history, operator mapping, information on tool life and machine health reports, efficiency and OEE analysis, downtime analysis, quality control, production planning, control plans and condition based monitoring also become easier.

Leading from the forefront, in bringing in ways of the 4.0 to our manufacturing, Victora Auto expects to increased output, productivity, OEE, product quality, energy efficiency and asset utilization with decrease in downtime and wastages. Monitoring and examining cycle times along with in- depth analysis and categorization of issues lets us identify and eliminate root causes that hamper productivity.